July 14
, all accounts will have Huntress Recommended Defaults enabled for Managed Antivirus (MAV). This will immediately apply for agents who are in
MAV Enforce mode
see more details below
Huntress Recommended Defaults simplifies configuration of best-practice Defender policies by automatically applying default settings recommended by Huntress.
What will change?
In the previous version of Managed AV configuration policy, all settings defaulted to
Use System Default
at the Account level, which adopts the existing Microsoft Defender default that applies to each endpoint.
With Huntress Recommended Defaults,
Use System Default
will now be replaced with the Huntress Recommended Default setting based on the AV best practice at the Account level.
What do I need to do now?
Check out our support article to understand what settings may change:
Any overrides (or a changes from Use System Default) that are already configured at the Account, Organization, or Host level will be preserved. If you would like to maintain your own settings for your Account, you can make those explicit settings in your portal now before this feature is enabled on July 14.
For partners who are in Audit Mode, this will only update the configuration policy for Managed AV but will not modify any agents.
For partners who are in Enforce Mode, Huntress Recommended Defaults will take the place of "Use System Default" at the Account level.